Creating a Manual Order in the UPS Portal

If you would like to create a manual order and have the UPS eFulfillment warehouse ship that order, please follow the steps below.


1. Go to Orders > Enter New Order 



2.  Fill out all Ship To details




3. For Buyer Requested Shipping Method, UPS eFulfillment has 5 service levels:


ONE DAY       choose    UPS Next Day Air

TWO DAY      choose    UPS Second Day Air

THREE DAY    choose   UPS Three Day Select

STANDARD    choose   UPS Standard





4.  Search for your product at the UPS Warehouse by searching with SKU or Product Name


You may see MAIN and / or LOUISVILLE  and/or FONTANA with a number in brackets [  ]




5. Choose LOUISVILLE or FONTANA if you want the UPS Warehouse to ship the product.   


Please note: the system will choose the UPS Warehouse that is closer to your buyer and can fulfill the order in its entirety. 

So even if you choose LOUISVILLE, if you have inventory in FONTANA and your buyer is closer to FONTANA, the system will ship your order from FONTANA. 


6. Repeat if adding additional skus to the order


8. Under the Fees and Totals section you can add your Selling Price



9. Under the Payment section the value you added on the Fees and Totals section will populate.   


NOTE:  At this time, the UPS eFulfillment Portal does not process credit card transactions, so you will then click "SKIP" at the bottom right to proceed to the next page. 




10.  Click "SKIP"



11.  On the CONFIRMATION page, please check the

  • Shipping Method (Service Level) requested
  • The SKU selected, and choose
  • PENDING SHIPMENT for the order status


Click SAVE one time




12. To validate that your order has been sent to the UPS Warehouse for processing, please refer to this article: How to know if UPS eFulfillment is processing your order

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