Attach a Current UPS Account

This article walks you through the process of adding a UPS shipping account. If you haven’t already, you will also need to add your warehouse in the UPS eFulfillment portal. To do this, please see the article Creating a Warehouse.

Once you attach your existing UPS account, you will receive your negotiated rates on any labels created using that account and shipped by your warehouse. These shipment charges will show up on your regular account invoice for this account and will not incur any UPS eFulfillment charges. Multiple UPS accounts and profiles can be added so you can control which account gets billed. The UPS profiles can be selected in the Shipping Rules and Order Manager.

To attach an existing UPS account, you will need a recent (less than 90 days old) UPS invoice for the account.

Attaching your own account

1.  Go to ADMIN > UPS Shipping Profile

2.  Under Manage UPS Shipping Profile – click “Add New Shipping Profile and UPS Account


3. Add a Shipping Profile Name (required field)

4. Select “Attach your UPS Account”


5. Using a recent invoice for the UPS account you are adding, enter the following information:

  • UPS Account Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date

6. Once your account is validated, which is typically less than five minutes from submission, it is available in your portal. Shipments from your own warehouse using labels created on the eFulfillment portal will be billed to this account.

7. Your account will now be visible on the eFulfillment UPS shipping profile page

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