How to know if UPS eFulfillment is processing your order

Welcome to UPS eFulfillment! We are excited to start processing your orders. 

Our fulfillment times are based on the UPS Service level on your order: for 1 day, 2 day and 3 day orders, your order will ship same day if received by the UPS Warehouse before the cutoff. Standard service level orders will ship same day or next day, and Economy service level orders could ship one to two days after being received by the UPS Warehouse.


How to Search for Orders

To learn how to search for orders and use the Orders Manager, visit our article Searching for Orders and Viewing Order Details 


Item Details and shipping from UPS eFulfillment

If your order is processing through UPS eFulfillment, you will be able to see the following details.  

1.  Find the order in the Orders Manager by clicking Orders > Manage Orders

2. Click on the orange Magnifying Glass icon to refine your search, or simply click on the Items View to the far left of page. 

3. On the Items View, you should see the Green Basket symbol to the right of your SC ORDER ID, as well as a UPS Warehouse as an Inventory Source. This means your order has been sent for processing. 

Your order should be in PAID, PENDING SHIPMENT status. 


4.  The order will then move to Fulfillment Started status and the green basket icon will change to the hand holding the box icon.  You will not be able to make any changes to the order 


5. For further details on the Order History, click on the SC ORDER ID link, and then click on Order History> Fulfillment


6. After the order is shipped, the order will automatically be marked as shipped and the tracking will populate under the Tracking Info tab.  If the order was automatically imported from your marketplace, we will send tracking back to the marketplace automatically as well.




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