Create a new UPS Account

Create A New UPS Account

This article will walk you through the process of creating a new standard UPS account to use in conjunction with UPS eFulfillment.

If you haven’t already, you will also need to add a warehouse in the UPS eFulfillment portal, see the article Creating a Warehouse.


Creating a new account

1. Go to ADMIN > UPS Shipping Profile

2. Under Manage UPS Shipping Profile – click “Add New Shipping Profile and UPS Account”

3. Add a Shipping Profile Name (required field)

4. Select “I would like to sign up for a UPS Account”


 5.  You will see a summary of the benefits of your new UPS account

 6.   Accept the Terms and Conditions by selecting the checkbox


7. You have now created a new UPS account and will receive a welcome email with the following information:

a. Your new UPS Account Number

b. Account Creation Data

c. Billing Detail

Note: This account is separate from your UPS eFulfillment account and will generate a new invoice from UPS. Shipments created using this account will not be charged any fees by UPS eFulfillment.


8. The information for this new UPS account will now be visible on the eFulfillment UPS shipping profile page.

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