Automation and the Main Warehouse

All new product data should be assigned to “Main” at the outset of setup​. 

The Portal will update your price and quantity when automation is “on”​


What is the “Main” Warehouse in my UPS Portal?

UPS eff organizes information into three distinct levels: Product, Inventory, and Marketplace.

The Product information is the foundation. Inventory information is added to Product info. Marketplace information is added to control your listings. All new product data should be stored in your “Main” Warehouse . From there – you can choose which products should be sent to the UPS warehouses.


What is “automation” ?

The automation setting in the UPS Portal controls our ability to communicate with the marketplaces. It can be set independently for every item on each marketplace.

In any Market List, if the circular Automation icon is green, the automation is on. We are communicating back to the marketplace any changes to price and quantity that are made in the UPS Portal

If the Automation icon is red, the automation is off. We are still receiving orders and updating the quantity internally, but we are not communicating with the marketplace.


When you connect to a Marketplace in the Portal – you have the option to turn the automation on or off when your catalog imports.:automation_1.png


In the UI: You can turn the automation on or off by selecting products and clicking on the Start Automation or Stop Automation buttons:




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