Applying eBay Rate Tables to Your Listings

If you opted into the eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program with the Door to Door option, you can apply rate tables onto your items through the UPS Portal.



If you use eBay Business Policies, assign your rate tables to you shipping business policy directly through eBay. Then add your shipping policy id to your listings or ebay listing template. See eBay Listing Template Settings: Shipping Sections (Domestic and International) for more information.


What we'll cover:

  1. Finding Your Rate Table ID
  2. Adding a Rate Table ID Through Excel
  3. Identifying Orders with eBay Guaranteed Delivery
  4. Downloadable Template for Adding eBay Rate Tables
  5. Related Articles


Finding Your Rate Table ID

Solid Commerce requires the numeric id of your rate table. You can find your shipping rate table ID inside your eBay account.


1) Go to your Site Preferences.

2) Under Shipping Preferences, click on the Show link.

3) Click on Edit for Use shipping rate tables.

4) From the drop-down menu, select the shipping rate table you wish to use.

5) From the address bar, copy the number in the URL after details/.



Adding a Rate Table ID Through Excel

You can add a rate table to your items in bulk through excel.


1) If you want to add the rate tables to listings that already exist in Solid Commerce, open the Excel template attached to this article.

2) Otherwise, add the ebay domestic rate table and ebay international rate table columns to the template you normally use to upload new items. Save your template for future use.

3) Copy and paste the rate table ids into the appropriate domestic and international columns for your items.



4) Click the Upload Data button in the Solid Commerce Excel Add-In Tool. Check the Upload Marketplace box.


Identifying Orders with eBay Guaranteed Delivery

All items with eBay Guaranteed Delivery are marked inside the Orders Manager Beta.


1) Go to ORDERS -> Order Manager.

2) Click on the Items tab.

3) The eBay icon appears in the SC ORDER ID column for each guaranteed item within an order.


Downloadable Template for Adding eBay Rate Tables


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