Connecting UPS eFulfillment to Amazon SFP

What we'll cover:

  1. Signing up for SFP
  2. Connecting to SFP and Assigning SKUs
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Signing up for SFP

Before you can become part of Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must complete the SFP Trial. Doing so requires assigning your SKUs and setting up template. This process is completed with Amazon's backend. For more information on how to complete this, please see the Amazon Seller Univerity video: Seller University: How to Register and Complete Seller Fulfilled Prime Trial.


Setting up SFP with UPS eFulfillment

There are several steps that need to be completed in your Amazon Seller Central and on the UPS Portal side to properly set up SFP with UPS eFulfillment. These include adding your UPS eFulfillment shipper number to Seller Central and setting up SFP templates. Set up must be done prior to UPS eFulfillment processing any of your SFP orders, so please reach out to Support to have a UPS Growth Advisor assist you with next steps!


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