Managing Amazon SFP Orders

What we'll cover:

  1. Identifying SFP Orders in UPS eFulfillment
  2. Monitoring Order Status and Errors
  3. Manually Adding Tracking to SFP
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Identifying SFP Orders in UPS eFulfillment

SFP orders are marked with the Prime logo.



When a new Prime orders enter the system, a notification is posted in the UI. Click on the notification bell for information about the order.



You cannot change the inventory source of an Amazon SFP order. Amazon SFP orders get automatically assigned to one of your UPS warehouses based on inventory availability. To prevent higher than expected shipping fees, keep track of available inventory in your UPS warehouses.


You can search for Prime orders by applying a filter.



Monitoring Order Status and Errors


We will prioritize the ship methods based on the cheapest UPS ship method available for a two delivery at the time the label is requested. The first method we check for is Standard Shipping.


In some cases, the fulfillment warehouse is unable to ship a package. This happens for several reasons, including an unsupported buyer address or Amazon's Buy Shipping is down. Amazon accounts for this your prime metrics.

When an order is not shipped or requires further action, an alert is posted in the notifications section and emailed to you. You can also view these alerts at any time by clicking on Order History and track the status of the order.  We recommend checking these alerts periodically as you may need to manually add tracking or ship items yourself if an unexpected issue arises. 



When items are not shipped by the UPS warehouse, you are responsible for fulfilling this order.


Manually Adding Tracking to SFP

Occasionally orders cannot being shipped with an Amazon shipping label. This can happen for a number of reasons, including an unavailable UPS delivery option.

When this does occur, you will receive a notification and order history update with the tracking number for the shipment.

You can manually add your tracking number directly in Amazon Seller Central. For more on how to do this, read this article inside you Amazon Seller Central account:


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