Rate Calculations

Rates are charged on an inbound and an outbound manner.

  1. Inbound Charges
  2. Outbound Order Fulfillment and Delivery Charges


Inbound Charges

Please refer to our Inbound Receipt Rate Rules knowledgebase article for inbound pricing.

In order to avoid additional fees upon inbound, please review our knowledgebase article on Preparing your Inbound Shipment. If items are not properly prepared, we will charge you additional fees after receiving the items in the warehouse.

Examples of inbound fees we charge if items are not properly prepared include:

  • Inbound sellable units do not have a readable bar code on them. We will charge you $0.13/unit to create and label the items.
  • We highly recommend packaging all garments in polybags to protect them from warehouse dust. UPS can also provide and polybag your garments for $0.18/unit.  You must request this service by putting work instructions on the ASN or creating a WO for this receipt. See our article on Creating a Work Order for instructions on how to do this.

There may be other issues that occur at receiving that require us to perform additional work before receiving your product. If this should occur, our customer service team will call you to explain the issue and the additional cost to process your inbound receipt.   The merchant will need to create a WO to authorize the work.  (This should not be common issue if the above packing and shipment instructions are followed)


Outbound Order Fulfillment and Delivery Charges

The UPS eFulfillment service includes everything we need to pick, pack, ship & deliver your product to your customer's address. Below is an example of how we calculated fees for an order.

EXAMPLE: An order comes in and 2 items are picked for this order. Standard Service is the selected service and the customer is in Zone A. The package weight is 9 lbs and the dimensions are 15x12x10. Dimensional weight is 11 lbs.




Rate Calculation:

  • Base rate: Zone A = $8.65
  • Multiplier: 11 lbs. x .40 (Zone A > 10 lbs.) =$4.40  (multiplier includes 1st 0.40 x 11)
  • $8.65+ $4.40= $13.05
  • The first unit fulfilled is included in the base rate. Each additional unit we pack in the same shipping carton is $1.04* per unit. The total price is $13.05+ $1.04 = $14.09                                                     *   See UPS rate chart under eFulfillment fees for additional items picked.

The above rates include the following services:

  • Warehousing Services
    • Picking fees
    • Packaging fees & supplies (up to 15 lbs.)
  • Transportation to customers address
    • Residential Surcharges
    • DAS (rural only)
    • Fuel Surcharges


The eFulfillment Economy service is not guaranteed. Our 1, 2 or 3 day service includes a guaranteed delivery for time in transit. This service provides up to $100.00 of declared value coverage for loss or damaged products. Additional declared value coverage can be purchased per the rate chart

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