Returns Rate Card

UPS eFulfillment offers the following Returns services:

1. Transportation and Receipt - Convenient label generation from the portal, UPS Ground Transportation and receipt at UPS eFulfillment Facility.

2. Transportation Only - Convenient label generation from the UPS eFulfillment Portal, and UPS Ground transportation to the Merchant's Facility.

3. Receipt Only - Receipt of product into the UPS eFulfillment Facility utilizing the Merchant's or Buyer's selected transportation service.

4. Label Only - Convenient label generation from the UPS eFulfillment Portal utilizing the Merchant's UPS shipper number.


Billable Weight

Billable weight is based on the greater of the actual package weight or the dimensional weight

Dimensional Weight Factor: 166
Dimensional Weight Calculation: L (in) x W x H / 166


Fuel Surcharge %

UPS e-Fulfillment reserves the right to institute fuel surcharges on some or all Shipments without prior notice. The surcharges may apply to all Pricing Programs and other charges including, but not limited to, any accessorial charge or surcharge. Additional information and current fuel surcharges are set forth at The surcharge will be applied by each Pricing Programs and for such periods as UPS e-Fulfillment, in its sole and unlimited discretion, may determine necessary.



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