How to File a Guarantee Service Claim (GSR) with UPS eFulfillment


1) Go to the HELP menu -> Online Support (Open Tickets / Knowledgebase).

2) In the popup-window, click on SUBMIT A REQUEST.

3) Type in GSR in the Subject.

4) Describe the service issue in the Description box.  Please include order date, service level selected and expected delivery date versus the actual date.  In addition, add the warehouse shipped from and delivery address.

5) Select UPS Guarantee Service Claim from the Product drop-down menu.

6) Please include the order number, and all the 1Z numbers associated with the shipment for your claim in the Sample SKU, Order ID or other identifier input box.



5)  You may attached any supporting documents you have that will support your claim.  Click on Add file to upload your documents. 



Once your claim is submitted, a UPS eFulfillment representative will contact you regarding your claim.

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