Billing FAQ

What are billing terms?

Billing terms are net 15 days, from the invoice date. Invoice is posted on the portal the same day it is generated.


How do I know my invoice is available?

In your UPS eFulfillment Portal, you'll go to eFulfillment>Billing Statements.   Your invoice will post around the 15th of each month


Where do I go to see my invoice?

See Finding and Paying Your UPS eFulfillment Bill for directions to download your invoice.


Where do I get help for billing questions?


The fastest way to intiatie a billing inquiry or a dispute is online. See How to Open a Billing Inquiry or Dispute for more information.



Additionally you can call us regarding your billing inquiries and disputes or claims should be directed to eFulfillment customer service at 1-800-528-6109 (Option 3 Billing & Logistics Support). Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm, EST.


What are options to pay for my invoice?

Payment will be by ACH/EFT. We will automatically withdraw from your bank account on the due date.

The banking instructions are on the portal in the Help menu and contains customary bank account set-up information. 


ACH payment will prevent service suspension. However, if you prefer, you can pay by credit card.


What are collections escalation steps?

1) Late fee is assessed

2) We contact you

3) We suspend your service- both transportation and marketplace connectivity

4) We place a lien on your inventory

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