Creating, Pricing and Accepting a Work Order (WO)

What we'll cover:

  1. How to create a WO
  2. Process for WO Pricing
  3. Process for WO acceptance & scheduling


Work Orders

Due to the diversity of requests UPS eFulfillment quotes work orders in the order they are received. The execution of a work order will be prioritized based on the signoff date Please refer to our Service Description article for further details


How to create a Work Order

Work Orders can be used to create various packing tasks, such as creating kits or repackaging items.



2) Click on NEW WORK ORDER



3) From the Warehouse where work will be executed drop-down menu, select your UPS Warehouse.



4) Using the Type of work to order drop-down menu, select the work required.



5) Add any Notes.



6) Select the Completion Date.

Please refer to our Service Description for further details on the Work Order process and timing 



Once the above steps are complete, you can fill out the FIND AND SELECT PRODUCTS ON WHICH WORK NEEDS TO BE PERFORMED section.

1) In the Search by SKU or Product Name input field, type the SKU or Product Name to use.



2) Click a product to add it to the Work Order.



3) Type in the quantity of the item.



4) Repeat Steps 1-3 to add all desired items.

5) Click on SUBMIT WORK ORDER to send the work order to UPS.



Process for Work Order Pricing

We understand from time to time your products may require some additional handling. The special requests our warehouse can accomplish include:

  • Re-labeling
  • Re-pricing
  • Kitting
  • Packaging inserts
  • Other

You can assign these special requests by creating a Work Order (WO). 

To start the process login to the portal. 

1) Go to Help -> Online Support. 

2) When the support window opens, click on “Submit a Request”.

3) Write "Work Order" in the subject line and in Description box describe your request.  Be sure to list the SKUs involved in your WO request. Under Product, click on the arrow and scroll down to UPS Work Order Request and select it.

4) You can add any attachment(s) to support the WO request.

5) Click the submit button. 

The customer service team will review the request with the warehouse staff. You will  receive a quote and projected date for completions.  If we are unable to perform the WO, we will notify you. 


Process for Work Order acceptance & scheduling

Once you have received a quote for a work order, respond to confirm acceptance on the WO. The customer service team will provide scheduling and a timeline for completion of the work order.  For further details on the Work Order process and timing, please refer to our Service Description 

Customer service will notify when your WO is complete. You will be billed for the work on our next monthly bill.


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