Managing Your UPS eFulfillment Warehouse Inventory

What we'll cover:

  1. How much inventory do you have?
  2. What does each inventory status mean?
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How much inventory do you have?

Navigate to Products> Inventory Manager. Expand your Warehouses:





Select a warehouse and click the green Search button.  You may need to use the Column Set up to find:

Available to Sell

In Transit


On Hold


On Hand







The quantity available to sell on marketplaces is seen in the "Available to Sell" column. 





Sorting and Exporting Inventory


Each of the columns can be sorted by either clicking on "DESC" (descending), or by clicking on any of the green headers





Additionally, you can export all of the columns into a CSV file. 

1. Simply choose a UPS Warehouse and click the green "Search" button to populate your catalog.

2. Use filters by selecting "More Search Options" or select the check box to the far left and choose either "Select All Products on Page" or "Select All Products in Search Result" 

3. Click "Export Products".  You will receive a popup.

4. Ensure that the required fields are checked for export, and then click "Export Data".   A CSV file will download.  





What does each inventory status mean?



Inventory Status Definitions

Available to Sell

The On-hand inventory that has not been "sold" as a part of pending unshipped orders, and has not been identified as on-hold or damaged.

In Transit

The inventory included in an ASN or PO shipment to the warehouse and not yet delivered.


The inventory that has been "sold" as a part of a pending unshipped orders
On Hold The On-hand inventory that has been placed On-hold by the warehouse


The On-hand inventory that has been identified as damaged by the warehouse
On Hand

Total amount of inventory On-Hand at the warehouse

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