Exporting Kit Data Into Excel

To review or revise kit details in Excel, first export them from the UPS user interface. Uploading your revisions back into your account is easy.


What we'll cover:

  1. Exporting Your Kit Data
  2. Revising and Uploading Your Export File
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Exporting Your Kit Data

1) Go to the PRODUCTS menu -> Products Manager.



2) Click on the Export Kits button.



3) The pop-up confirms the fields that will export. Click EXPORT KITS to continue.

4) All of your Kit Parts are exported (regardless of any searches you performed).

The export generates a Comma Separated Values file (csv). It is sorted alphanumerically by the Kit Parent SKU so that each kit is grouped together.


Revising and Uploading Your Export File

In case you need to revise some kits, all of the data in the export file is properly formatted to upload back into the platform. To update and upload:

1) Delete any kits that you don't need to revise. This will make the upload faster.

2) Modify any of the data in the file that need updating.

3) If you want to remove any items from a kit, enter the column header: Kit Part 1:Remove in a new column.

  • Enter Yes for an items you want to remove from a kit.

4) Add a Results column.

5) Click the Upload Data button in the UPS Excel Add-In Tool. Select only the Upload Product option.


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