Adding Images to Products

UPS sends images to the marketplaces when you create new listings through our platform. You can also view your images in our user interface and on pick lists and packing slips.

This article will show you how to add them to your UPS account.

To review our image requirements and image naming recommendations, please see Image Requirements, Hosting Options, and Naming Best Practices.


What we'll cover in this article:

  1. Adding Main Images to UPS
  2. Adding Alternate Images to UPS
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Adding Main Images to UPS

Adding Main Images Through the UI In the Inventory Manager:

1) Open the Product Details window (click on the pencil icon or Product Name).

2) Paste the URL for your image in the Main Image field. Click the Save button.



Adding Main Images Through a Spreadsheet:

1) The column header for your URLs is image file.

  • If you only want to update your images, the other required columns are: results and product custom sku.


If you name your images after your SKU, and load all of them into the same folder on your host, your URLs are predictable. In Excel, you can use a CONCATENATE formula to automatically populate your URLs.




2) Upload your file with a Product update.



Adding Alternate Images to UPS

As with the Main Image, alternate images are generally pushed to the marketplaces. While the markets may limit how many images you can have, UPS does not.

Adding Alternate Images Through the UI in the Inventory Manager:

1) Open the Add / Modify Product pop-up. Click on the page icon to the right of the Main Image field.



2) In the Product Images pop-up:

  • Enter your image URL. Check the three display boxes.
  • Enter 0 in the Display Order field for your first image, 1 for your second image, and so on.
  • Click the Add Image button.



If you manage alternate images regularly, you may want to check the Qty Alternate Images box in the Columns Setup pop-up on your Warehouse and Market List pages.

  • Clicking on the number in the Qty Alternate Images column on your Warehouse or Market List pages launches the Product Images pop-up.



Adding Alternate Images Through a Spreadsheet:

1) Use column header Alternate Image File 1 for your first alternative image. Use Alternate Image File 2 for the second image, and so on.

2) Add your URLs to the image file column.



3) Upload your file with a Product update.


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