Troubleshooting Printing Packing Slips on a 4" x 6" Thermal Printer

Before you can print 4" x 6" packing slips, you need to save a packing slip template in your UPS account. To learn how, see Adding Packing Slips and Invoices to Your UPS Account.

If you have your template saved, and are still having trouble printing a 4" x 6" packing slip on your thermal printer, try these steps.


What we'll cover:

  1. Setting Your Thermal Printer as the Default Printer
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Setting Your Thermal Printer as the Default Printer

If you aren't able to save the new margins in your Internet Explorer printer settings, or they don't work, try setting your thermal printer as the default printer.

1) Launch your computer's Control Panel.

2) Select Devices and Printers.



3) Right-click on your thermal printer. Select Set as default printer from the pop-up menu.

  • You can change your default printer back to the original printer after you get your packing slip printing properly.



4) Right-click on the thermal printer again. Select Printing preferences from the pop-up menu.



5) On the Options tab, in the Size section, set the Width to: 4.00 and the Height to 6.00. Click the OK button.



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