Ship Method (ShipType) Fields for Uploading Order Tracking into UPS


Here is a chart with the Shipping Methods UPS supports. The chart also includes the values you would use in your Excel Ship Method column if you were uploading tracking information back into UPS.


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If you want a simple list of Shipping Methods that UPS uses on its own, without the chart that includes their common names, we have an article for that. It includes the numeric codes we use for each Shipping Method.

List of Shipping Methods Used by UPS


Ship Method (ShipType) Chart

Ship Type

Excel Value

Overstock 1D Overstock1Day
Overstock 2D Overstock2Day
Overstock 3D Overstock3Day
Overstock Best OverstockBestGround
UPS Mail Innovations UPSMailInnovations
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.® UPSSecondDayAirAM
UPS 2nd Day Air® UPSSecondDayAir
UPS 3 Day Select® UPSThreeDaySelect
UPS Expedited® UPSExpedited
UPS Express Plus UPSExpressPlus
UPS Express® UPSExpress
UPS Ground UPSGround
UPS Next Day Air Saver® UPSNextDayAirSaver
UPS Next Day Air® UPSNextDayAir
UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.® UPSNextDayAirEarlyAM
UPS Saver® UPSSaver
UPS Standard UPSStandard
UPS Standard To Canada UPSStandardToCanada
UPS SurePost UPSSurePost
UPS Today Dedicated Courier UPSTodayDedicatedCourier
UPS Today Express UPSTodayExpress
UPS Today Express Saver UPSTodayExpressSaver
UPS Today Intercity UPS Today Intercity
UPS Today Standard UPS Today Standard
UPS World Wide Expedited® UPSWorldWideExpedited
UPS World Wide Express Plus® UPSWorldWideExpressPlus
UPS World Wide Express® UPSWorldWideExpress
Bounded Printer Matter BoundedPrintedMatter
Expedited International ExpeditedInternational
Express Express
Freight Shipping FreightShipping
Freight Shipping International FreightShippingInternational
Local Delivery LocalDelivery
Next Day Domestic NextDayDomestic
Next Day International NextDayInternational
Not Available NotAvailable
Other Other
Other International OtherInternational
Overnight Flat Rate OvernightFlatRate
Second Day Domestic SecondDayDomestic
Second Day International SecondDayInternational
Standard Standard
Standard International StandardInternational
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